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"Managing a research & development organization is, to a great degree, the art of integrating the efforts of its many participants. Beyond this the manager has to provide order, purpose, and foresight and do this while dealing intelligently with the uncertainty inherent in an R&D enterprise."

R.K. Jain & Harry C. Triandis: Management of Research and Development Organizations: Managing the Unmanageable 2nd Edition

The GeNOsys management team is made up of seasoned professionals who:

  • Have strong business skills and a demonstrated ability to complete the R&D process and take the company's products to market.
  • Have strong, professional management and medical skills and the specialized knowledge required.
  • Have the know how to complete the FDA approval process and manage the business plan.
  • Understand the economics of the industry, the pharmaceutical and medical device business model, and most important recognize the reasons for the failure of others.
  • Have the leadership skills necessary to inspire loyalty and motivate the team.
  • Know that the infrastructure, policies, and procedures that we establish at the company's foundation will set the stage for its enduring success.

The Team

 Dale L. Fillmore

 Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

For the past four years, Mr. Fillmore served as President and Chief Operations Officer of a privately owned corporation with revenues in excess of $200 million per year. During this time Mr. Fillmore also served as director of the National Direct Selling Association (“DSA”). Prior to that he had worked for, and retired from, State Farm Insurance Companies, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, after 30 years of service. During his tenure with State Farm he served in many leadership positions in Utah, Illinois and Washington. He spent the last twelve years of his career as Vice President of the Pacific Northwest – Seattle corporate office.


John W. "Randy" Miller

Director, Chief Technology and Regulatory Officer

With more than three decades of research, development and engineering experience, Mr. Miller brings a considerable career and body of knowledge and ability to GeNOsys with demonstrable success in research, development and bringing to market of related gaseous pharmaceutical products and medical device technology. Prior to joining GeNOsys Mr. Miller was the co-founder and CEO of Pulmonox Research & Development and Pulmonox Medical Corporation where over the course of a decade Mr. Miller pioneered FDA approved inhaled nitric oxide therapy and engineered delivery system devices. At Pulmonox his expertise reached beyond the research lab to engineering, where he has had success in conceiving, engineering and bringing to market US patented inhaled nitric oxide therapy medical devices. Mr. Miller received training at Union Carbide from 1983 to 1990 where he became a Driox, cryogenic engineer and participated in design and implementation of more than 50 cryogenic research and development projects that included breathing oxygen for the F-14 Tomcat US military fighter jet, heavy oil recovery and fire suppression in the oil and gas industry, development of clean room environmental systems for micro chip manufacture, hospital oxygen delivery systems, and electron microscope cooling applications. Mr. Miller's research was an essential component at Equinox, a veterinary company, where Mr. Miller and his colleagues established the use of nitric oxide in the treatment of capillary stress failure in horses for the racing industry. Mr. Miller is a recognized contributor in the gaseous pharmaceutical and engineered medical device industry, as an author or contributor to articles and papers in industrial, medical and technical research and application publications. Mr. Miller holds a BS in education and business from Brigham Young University and numerous technical and medical certifications such as: Q.A. FDA Quality Assurance from Noblitt & Rueland, and NAIT Driox Cryogenic Engineer certification from Union Carbide.


Keith L. Merrell

Chief Financial Officer

With more than 28 years of accounting experience managing both public and private enterprises Mr. Merrell brings a significant scope and understanding necessary to facilitate the R&D and operational aspects of his position. Prior to joining GeNOsys Mr. Merrell served as Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller of Specialized Health Products International, Inc. a company that specialized in the manufacture of safety medical devices. Mr. Merrell has a depth of experience essential to the growth of the company from his role as the Vice President of Western Operations for Michelex where he was responsible for bringing on-line an injection molding facility, on time and under budget. As the Director of Finance at The Duplication Group his skills were once again to plan and implement the then new technology of compact disc manufacture. Mr. Merrell has proven experience with development stage private and public company management and oversight and in growing the same through mergers and acquisition. Mr. Merrell earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arizona State University


Chad Young

Executive Vice President

Over the past 19 years, Chad has worked in a variety of businesses ranging in size from small privately owned companies to multinational corporations with revenues in excess of $10 billion annually. In addition to general business principles, he has extensive experience and training in the areas of organizational design and human resource management.  He earned a Master's degree from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.


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Board of Directors, Advisory & Scientific Board

Gordon D. Barker


Mr. Barker served as the Chief Executive Officer of Thrifty Payless Drug Stores, Inc., a $5.1 billion company, and was instrumental in negotiating its merger with Rite-Aid Drugs. Mr. Barker currently serves on a number of Boards of Directors for both public and private companies, including Vice Chairman and Lead Outside Independent Director of United Natural Foods, Inc., NuMedics, Inc., and American Consulting Technology & Research. Mr. Barker has also served as Chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.


Dale L. Fillmore



John P. Livingstone, Ed.D.


Dr. Livingstone, a practicing psychologist, has served as an educator both in Canada and the United States, and is currently a professor at Brigham Young University. Dr. Livingstone has contributed to and published a number books, papers and articles. His work has earned recognition from his peers for his distinguished service. Dr. Livingstone earned a BSc. in Biology-Chemistry from the University of Alberta, a Master's Degree from the University of Regina and an Ed.D. from Brigham Young University.


John W. "Randy" Miller



J. Lee Peterson


Mr. Peterson has worked in the real estate business in Southern California for several decades. He became involved in the family business after graduating from college building residential projects and managing the growing property portfolio. Under his management, the family has residential and commercial real estate holdings in five states. Mr. Peterson attended California State University at Long Beach where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering, graduating at the top of his class. He received a National Science Foundation fellowship to attend Stanford University where he earned a Masters degree in engineering management.


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