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Nitric Oxide in the Medical Industry

The GeNOsys in Nitric Oxide Delivery

 If you are a medical professional, you are most likely already aware of the existing use of inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) as a selective vaso-dilator in infants or heart patients. You are probably all too familiar with the heavy costs of delivering Nitric Oxide to patients. These high costs have created limitations in the use of Nitric Oxide in other possible diagnosis. As an additional motivation to reduce these costs, recent discoveries have led to new potential uses in a wide variety of diseases and health complications, including flu viruses, bacterial infections, tuberculosis, and much more. GeNOsys has introduced a new Generated Nitric Oxide System that drastically reduces the delivery costs of this increasingly effective gas. You can also learn more about the discoveries in the Medical News page of this site where the latest in scientific studies and discoveries will be posted, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section where you can ask questions and share information with others. Read the information below to learn more about applications and the GeNOsys products.

Expanding Role of Nitric Oxide in Application

Nitric Oxide has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties and most recently many research laboratories have begun research and development programs where Nitric Oxide gas is an integral part of the development of new drugs. Research and subsequent treatment regimens have been held hostage to the high cost cylinder Nitric Oxide. The on-site production of low cost GeNOsys gas will result in a revolution in treatment of both common and highly lethal diseases.


GeNOsys is a medical gas device (GeNOx-B and GeNOx-P) company. Through a more effective and cost efficient delivery mechanism, our plan is to be the major world supplier of on-site generated, medical grade Nitric Oxide gas. Back To Top

GeNOsys Products

gas-cylinder.jpgGeNOsys has developed two Nitric Oxide Gas Generators, a Bed side GeNOx-B and a portable GeNOx-P. In addition GeNOsys will develop a tailored delivery system, the GeNOx-D, based on findings that evolve from the dose duration studies. This GeNOsys system will have a significant impact on the spectrum of infectious diseases from common to pandemic. GeNOsys products and medical device system platforms are focused on the on-site generation of medical grade gNO, at a constant measurable concentration comparable to cylinder gas. It can be generated at any site, reducing the need for large expensive cylinder gas. The cost effective nature of on-site gas generation makes remote site care much easier to obtain. It also opens laboratory research in a time when obtaining research funds is difficult. Its portable nature makes it suitable for use in transport in emergency room applications. Research indicates that gNO can be effective against all forms of TB and other diseases such as Rhinovirus, (common cold), Influenza A, sinusitis, wound healing, Avian Flu virus, and can be used in clinical treatment settings for pulmonary hypertension, asthma and in many types of research laboratory settings where medical grade gNO is required. GeNOsys' research, technology and gas delivery platforms will make life changing care available at a significant cost savings to the patient, making care available to tens of thousands of patients that have been precluded from critical care as a result of third party (insurance companies) health care cost containment. 

GeNOx-D Delivery System

 The GeNOsys GeNOx-D is a hybrid, portable Nitric Oxide delivery device with multiple clinical purposes including transport of critically ill patients. It is designed to deliver gNO using either on-site generated gas or cylinder gas. It allows not only measurement of Nitric Oxide and oxygen but also measures Methemoglobin. This is a major patentable improvement over any currently available device. Its final configuration will be determined as a result of laboratory findings of lethal dose and duration


  • Complete and self contained gNO delivery system.
  • Continuous NO and NO2 monitoring.
  • Continuous FiO2 monitoring
  • Continuous Methemoglobin monitoring
  • Built in sampling system
  • Mass flow meter with digital display
  • Lightweight portable
  • Audible/visual alarms
  • Quick connect hose allows for uninterrupted NO delivery during cylinder changes and generator
  • High impact carrying case

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We will be posting some specific scientific information here shortly… Until then, you can find our entire compilation of science under the Medical News section of the site. Back To Top