Welcome to GeNOsys

We are GeNOsys, Inc. The company name is an acronym for “Generated Nitric Oxide Systems” and is a play on the chemical compound formula of Nitrogen Oxide or NO.

Background and Capabilities

GeNOsys was created by Pulmonox co-founder and CEO, Randy Miller. While at Pulmonox, he pioneered FDA approved inhaled nitric oxide therapy and engineered delivery system devices.


Now GeNOsys’ Research and Development department has created a small “desktop” generator which produces nitric oxide (NO) on demand and is capable of replacing cylinder gas. This revolutionary device supplies NO at adjustable parts per million which is drastically more convenient and affordable than all currently available alternatives. Generators can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.


Future Role

Presently nitric oxide is successfully being used with FDA approval in the treatment of newborns with respiratory illness. Ongoing medical research shows promise in the use of NO for the treatment of a myriad of diseases and illnesses partially due to its antiviral and bactericidal properties. GeNOsys’ nitric oxide generating systems will play an important role as laboratories develop further medical uses for this valuable gas and pursue additional FDA approvals.

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